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Playing the J-pop the West likes the best, music that makes you smile - this is the happiest J-pop music around. Featuring idols and other female artists and vocalists who have a following in Europe and North America, along with newer artists of a similar style. We now offer a choice of programming with a new idol-specific kawaii radio, J-Idols Project Radio. 

*NEWS* Both stations are now advert-free!

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Female J-Pop Touring outside Japan



tricot - Ireland, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland & Austria


Juice=Juice - UK, France, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan


BAND-MAID, Babyraids Japan + others @ J-Pop Summit - USA


SILENT SIREN - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan & USA


FEMM - STHLM - Sweden 


BAND-MAID - UK, France, Germany, Spain


ClariS - Singapore

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We are pleased to partner with Shimokita FM in Tokyo.  At the station, DJ Tomoaki regularly hosts video interviews with all the big names in the idol industry and many more. These can be viewed at their website (Japanese only).

Please visit our Facebook group for all the latest news from the station. It's also a great place to comment or ask a question.